Have you heard of the Protégé Effect?


Have you ever tried to teach someone a specific information that you just learned? An information that you think you know and master well enough to help someone else know it as well? And, after you taught someone else your information, did you feel like you know and understand the information even better?

Well, this is called the Protégé Effect. It’s a technique that can help you absorb and understand a specific information faster by simply, teaching it to someone else.

The Protégé Effect

This effect can also help the other person you are trying to teach to learn well enough, so that they can apply this technique.

For example

I have just learned about this technique and I am sharing it with you!

This technique has been used on a large scale since the first years of the 19th century. It is considered a good technique to help you absorb information as well as practice life skills of explaining in front of other people, remembering your manners and thoughts, as well as thinking on the spot when you answer questions. (Among other skills such as speaking, writing, speaking while writing, etc.)

In certain schools, older students teach younger students specific facts like the alphabet, or adding 2 numbers.

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