Is gaming-based education a real thing?


For a long time, people talked about gaming-based education and how it is not a real thing.

Well, I am here to argue with them on that note.

Gaming-based education has been a real thing ever since it has been discovered that you can create games using code. People around the world from the age of 10 until even the age of 50 have been playing games like CodeCombat, FlexBox Zombies, CSS Diner, or Grid Garden. 

I would like to argue with every single parent that tells his child that Scratch is not a real thing.

Scratch is very real. It is a fun way for your 10-year-old to start finding his passion for programming. Many might say that your child could get stuck on Scratch. Well, he might not. If your child’s true passion is programming, he will eventually move on from Scratch to something more advanced like React, Vue.JS, or PHP.

It is not a bad idea to let your child try new things.



When I was younger, my parents allowed me to try Scratch and I made these fun, little games there. But, eventually, I discovered that I love front-end development and I moved on to more advanced technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The world of programming is one big tree. Your child will start from the base: “programming” and will move further on the tree’s branches. 

Don’t tell a person that he can’t learn through games

because you can learn Math, English, Geography, History, and Social Sciences (along with many others) through games, whether you are a grown-up or a fourth-grader.

I, personally, advise every parent to encourage his child to learn a subject by practicing his favorite activity. Whether that is gaming, reading, cooking, or drawing, your child will learn faster and better this way.

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