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Want to study efficiently? Here are 5 tips for you

Tip number #1: Easy quitting.

Studying a subject might look easy for some people and very hard for others. When you start studying, and you think everything is so easy, you might end up after a chapter, thinking “This is so hard!” or say “I quit!”. Well, here is some advice. When you are at that point, instead of quitting, try asking for help. It might get you far. And remember that you are learning for your future, so quitting won’t help.

Tip number #2: Stop every 5 minutes because you’re tired.

If you feel like learning a subject is making you really tired, try a system like Pomodoro to help you work efficiently and function correctly. A few rounds of Pomodoro might help you finish your work quickly. You can have rounds of 25 or 30 minutes of work and 5 to 10 minutes of break. Do this for 7-8 times, and you finish your work. It’s not that hard to study, if you study systematically.
Want to study efficiently?

Tip number #3: The environment isn’t right.

When you study you don’t need only a good system to work with. You also need to have a good, peaceful environment that helps you focus. You may think that the environment doesn’t really matter. But it actually makes a big difference in your work. A messy environment could make your work messy and sloppy. A clean, silent environment could make your work clean and ordered.

Tip number #4: Colorful or not.

Everybody makes notes when studying. There are people that like working with just one color, and use underlines and different fonts. But there are people that like studying with colors. It’s important that if you study and make notes using colors, you do not use many colors. Because many colors can become distracting. So, you need to use a color palette. For example, I like making brown notes. So I create a brown color palette that I keep repeating throughout the notebook. Some people like pink, blue, yellow, green, purple, red, orange, gray, teal or turquoise. Find your colors!

Want to study efficiently?

Tip number #5: Solo or in a team.

Some people function better when they work alone, but many like working in teams. There are people that find working in teams distracting and inefficient because they get tired easily. But, the people that like working in teams find it fun and efficient, because they can distribute the workload. You must find your balance and preferences.

Whether you like a messy environment or a clean one, working solo or in teams, it’s important that when you work or study, you can focus and become efficient. So, I think that, at the end of the day, you should find your preferences in order to function correctly, day after day, in a system and in an order.

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